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Protect Your Home - Crime, accidents & weather are part of life, and every home experiences loss or damage of some kind. Cover potential losses such as burglary/theft, severe storms, fire & liability.

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Personal Lines

Auto Insurance Prepares You - Accidents are common from fender-benders to highway crashes. The key is to be prepared so that the costs involved in recovering from an accident are not devastating to you.


Personal Lines

You deserve the best motorcycle insurance coverage and you can save money with our competitive rates. Get a great product at a great price and keep cruisin' with peace of mind.


Personal Lines

Mobile homes are handled a little differently than site-built homes by insurance companies because they are not built onto a foundation. Modular homes, on the other hand, are typically treated more like traditional homes when it comes to buying insurance. No matter it’s construction, your home is important to you and your family and is likely your biggest asset.


Personal Lines

We can help you get the right coverage on water and on land.  Insure your boat or watercraft with the right liability and damage coverages to protect you and your passengers.


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Flood protection is not included in homeowners insurance and must be purchased separately.  Water can be a very powerful when it comes in abundance, and flood damage can be very costly to repair.


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We often use a different term that describes what Builders Risk insurance does - Course of Construction Insurance. This Insurance covers a building, and typically all materials during construction.


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Whether driving a motorhome, camper or travel trailer for road trips & vacations, chances are you have a lot invested. Let us offer protection on the road or wherever it's parked.


Personal Lines

There are several situations where the liability protection you have under other policies may not apply. Some states also require insurance for Golf Carts operated on state-owned land & you may not be covered if you ride off of your property.


Personal Lines

This Insurance is not required, but can fill in the gaps if your homeowners policy does not cover losses. A Recreational Vehicle policy will reimburse you if your ride is stolen or badly damaged and coverage includes Liability, Medical Payments, Comprehensive and Collision.


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