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About Daly Williams Agency

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Our Philosophy

If you take care of the customer first, then everything else will take care of itself.

Our History

Daly Williams Agency was founded in the Mid 1950s by William Byron Williams, Sr. In 1957 Daly Williams purchased the company and began to build a vibrant agency and customer base. In 1978 Charlie joined the agency and bought in to ownership. Having such strong roots in the industry creates a stable agency capable of providing the highest quality services.

Our agency has received numerous recognition awards over the decades from companies we have represented.

To learn more about our team, our services, or to request a quote, please contact us at

(337) 824-4750

MaryJo Portie is a licensed Property, Casualty agent working in personal lines insurance and has worked for the agency since 2021.


Eunice Morgan
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Eunice Morgan is a licensed Property, Casualty, and Life and Health agent working in personal lines insurance and has worked for the agency since 2013.

Irene Lafosse
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Irene Lafosse joined the Daly Williams Agency family in 2020.  She works in the Commercial Lines Dept. and is licensed in Property, Casualty, and Life & Health and services.

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Julie Landry

Julie Landry is our agency bookkeeper and also has her license in Property and Casualty insurance. She has worked for the agency since 2008.

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President /
Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams is a third generation owner. He received his bachelors in insurance from Louisiana Tech University and is licensed in Property and Casualty insurance and Life and Health insurance. He has worked at the agency since 1978.

Charlie Newspaper Clip - Local named sta

State Funeral for WW II Veterans

Charlie Williams was featured in the Jennings Daily News in September of 2017 for being named chair of State Funeral for World War II Veterans. Williams himself is the son of a World War II Veteran and was appointed Chairman for the State of Louisiana.


Professional Insurance Agents of Lousiana

Charlie Williams was recognized in 1990 for 6 years of dedicated service on the Board of Directors for PIA, The Professional Insurance Agents of Louisiana. He began his term on the Board in 1984 and respectfully fulfilled his term in 1990. In 2015, Charlie resumed his seat on the Board and is once again providing dedicated Service for the good of all Insurance Agents.


Special Recognition

Each year an Agent is recognized for standing out among the Insurance Industry. This special acknowledgement is for someone who has willingly stepped up to serve others. In 2004, Charlie Williams was that recipient. Charlie graduated in insurance from the College of Administration & Business at Louisiana Tech University in 1978 and went to work in his father’s second generation insurance agency in his home town of Jennings. He began his membership with PIA in 1978 and served two terms as a board member quickly thereafter. During that time, he served on several committees. Through the years, Charlie has remained active and has particularly been involved with PIA’s lobbying efforts. He worked closely with the association to promote the “A Better Louisiana” campaign. Charlie served on the founding board of the Southwest Chapter of PIA and has also served on several company advisory boards. Daly Williams Insurance Agency is honored that PIA presented Charlie Williams with such a special tribute as the 2004 Agent of the Year Award.

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